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Cocktails, art, sex and femininity have all become inextricably linked for me this past year. Intensely personal, this work is a culmination of my experimentation with new mediums, adapting to a digital environment where the lines between reality and fantasy have become blurred and my experience as a mature student and female artist so far, where I have unfortunately experienced a level of ageism. My love of photography and the cinematic have come into play, with of course a nod to the '80's. These themes have converged to realise my ambition to have a multi-media installation, including performance, audience participation and most importantly for me, collaboration. 


My wonderful collaborators to whom I am eternally grateful: 


Instagram tags: @joshuacooper_art @dianeeast2020 @shauncbadham @theotherma And last, but not least, my husband Neil Worsley, who made my bar with his own hands! 


Special thanks to Warner Rights Management for permission to reproduce The Beautiful Ones, by Prince and the Revolution 💜.

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