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Could my cocktail tutorials become part of my practice?

During lockdown, I have been doing live cocktail making videos every Friday night on my Instagram @fernworsleyart to a) connect with my friends and followers, b) keep my spirits up c) remember that it's Friday! (and an excuse to dress up).

We have a retro 1960's/70's bar in our dining room/my art studio to be and I love making cocktails (and drinking them), so thought it would be fun to do this. It had crossed my mind that this was was a very creative process - there is definitely an art to making a good cocktail and I love to take photographs of the process and edit them for a post afterwards, and I love the fact that the bar is situated in my studio. It had been suggested to me by my tutors that I could include this somehow in my studio practice unit at uni, but I wasn't sure if they were serious. I guess it is a kind of performance. Recently it has been suggested to me again by a well respected local artist and tutor that this could be an avenue I could incorporate, so......I am going to explore this idea. A cocktail bar/studio coming soon near you!

Photo is from 1950's night - I'm doing a different decade every Friday, with the cocktail themed accordingly.

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